Vendor FAQs

You can sell a range of type of assets but they must all be digital. These can be 3D models of vehicles or 2D vehicle templates. The can also be objects for games such as vehicles or even parts of vehicles such as wheels or wings. You can also sell livery graphics. The latest addition to our offering is being able to sell your own services, from 3D modelling through to full livery design.

You are strictly forbidden to sell any asset that is not 100% your own, for example taking an existing 3D model and making modifications to it. You can also not sell tangible products such as decals or model vehicles.

You can login to your Vendor page and then access the Vendor dashboard where you can edit your profile. See this page for more information on how to edit your profile.

You can view and edit your products via the Vendor dashboard. For more information on how to add your products see this link.

We try to cover as many categories as we can but sometimes we just haven’t through of the one that you need. Get in touch with us via the Vendor support in your Vendor admin page.

When you fill in your Vendor details after you’ve signed up, you can add your Paypal email address. This is the simplest way to get paid. We don’t allow payment right away as we need to build in time for any customer refunds or assistance if it’s required. Payments are on a onthly basis to Vendors. As a Vendorr your earnings are displayed in your Vendor Dashboard.

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