IMCA Modified 3D livery template model



  • Dimensions based on freely available data
  • Model fully editable in Blender (native .blend file)
  • OBJ and FBX file formats included for import into all major 3D software such as Maya, 3DS, Adobe Substance and more
  • Model comes setup in Adobe Dimension with materials.
  • Edit livery directly in Adobe Photoshop or Gimp (layered Photoshop file supplied)


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About this model

Just add your livery and render, it’s that easy.

IMCA Modifieds, short for International Motor Contest Association Modifieds, are a type of dirt track racing car that competes in the IMCA Modified division, which is a popular class in dirt track racing across the United States. The IMCA Modifieds are characterized by their modified chassis, high horsepower engines, and specialized components designed for racing on dirt tracks.

Here are some key features and aspects of IMCA Modifieds:

  1. Chassis: IMCA Modified cars typically have a custom-built tubular chassis specifically designed for dirt track racing. These chassis are lightweight yet strong, providing stability and safety during high-speed racing on dirt ovals.
  2. Body: The body of an IMCA Modified is usually made of lightweight materials such as fiberglass or aluminum. The bodies are designed to be aerodynamic while also providing ample protection to the driver.
  3. Engine: IMCA Modifieds are powered by high-performance V8 engines, often based on small block Chevy or Ford designs. These engines can produce anywhere from 400 to 800+ horsepower, depending on the specific rules and regulations of the racing series.
  4. Suspension: Suspension setups on IMCA Modifieds are adjustable, allowing teams to fine-tune the handling characteristics of the car based on track conditions and driver preferences. Common suspension components include coilover shocks, adjustable control arms, and sway bars.
  5. Safety: Safety is paramount in dirt track racing, and IMCA Modifieds are equipped with various safety features to protect the driver in the event of a crash. This includes a roll cage, racing seat with harness, fire suppression system, and other safety equipment mandated by racing regulations.
  6. Rules and Regulations: The IMCA Modified division follows a set of rules and regulations established by the International Motor Contest Association (IMCA). These rules govern various aspects of the car, including engine specifications, weight limits, tire rules, and more. The goal of these rules is to ensure fair competition while also keeping costs manageable for racers.
  7. Popularity: IMCA Modified racing is extremely popular in the United States, with hundreds of tracks hosting Modified events throughout the racing season. The division attracts drivers of all skill levels, from local amateurs to seasoned professionals, making for exciting and competitive racing action.

Overall, IMCA Modifieds represent a thrilling and accessible form of grassroots motorsport, offering fans an up-close and exciting racing experience on dirt tracks across the country.

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