We’re on YouTube!

Motorsport Graphics is on YouTube

Motorsport Graphics has recently launched a new YouTube channel that offers users a wealth of knowledge on how to apply graphics to their 3D models and templates. This channel is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to add professional-grade graphics to one of the motorsport graphics 3D models. Whether you’re a professional race team or […]

This is where livery designers meet up…

Livery design is an essential part of any racecar’s aesthetic appeal and brand identity. A well-designed livery can make a car stand out from the rest and give it a competitive edge. If you are a livery designer or aspire to be one, you might want to consider joining a community of like-minded individuals who […]

How to import livery templates into Gimp

How to open Photoshop files using Gimp

We’ve had some feedback from new users who have been having some trouble using our layered photoshop templates in the free Gimp software alternative. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to open a Photoshop file (.psd) using GIMP: That’s it! You have now successfully opened a Photoshop file using GIMP. Read more about premium […]

How to use our Premium 3D Templates

How to use our premium 3D templates

Having just released our latest Premium 3D model template, we wanted to walk you through how easy it is to make the transition from 2D to 3D. In the early days of vehicle livery design, creatives either took photographs of their vehicles they were designing for or illustrated them using vector based graphics software such […]

How to Make a Car Livery in 3D with Adobe Dimension


Most designers prefer to create automotive and motorsport liveries in 2D using popular tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. If you’re already been indoctrinated by Adobe and their impressive creative cloud suite, then trying your hand at Adobe Dimension shouldn’t be all that difficult for you either. With the help of Adobe Dimension, you’ll be […]

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