How to publish your work and/or services

In order to keep your files safe and secure you will need to setup an Amazon S3 account where your files can be stored and links cannot be access other than via users who have purchased your products. Follow the tutorial on this page to setup your bucket. This bucket is where you will upload your files. We recommend only uploading .rar or .zip files and use a naming convention you like. You will need both your bucket name and your file name in order to make your products downloadable on Motorsport Graphics.

Step 1. Upload your file to your Amazon S3 bucket

Using your recently created Amazon S3 account, upload your files into your bucket. Ensure that your file is compressed into a single file using .rar or .zip compression. This ensure your files remain together as a single item for users to download once purchased. Note down your bucket and file name and ensure your file name is unique for each product you are creating.

Step 2. Creating your product

Inside your Vendor Admin page click Products> Add new from the left hand menu to open up the product listing page.

  1. Enter your product name. Be descriptive but brief.
  2. Enter a product description. Be to the point. Only include details relevant to the product. This actually sits just below the add to cart button inside the tabs. We tend to use this for data about the file, eg the file format, resolution etc
  3. Set your product image. This must be 1200×1200 pixels. We recommend using a PNG file as the file is compress upon upload, so starting with a high quality image is best. We would also recommend adding water marks especially if the image is a template that could easily be recreated. We also recommend including a small digital signature to allow potential buyer know who the designer is.

4. Next up is a short description which is actually where you can put more general detail.
5. Choose the category your product will be in. If we don’t have a suitable category listed, get in touch as we can add more categories as required.
6. Write some product tags. These help with search and categorisation.

7. Enter a price for your product. Remember you receive 80% of this price as your commission.
8. Click the downloadable check box

9. Click the Add S3 File button

10. Enter the bucket name and file name you noted down earlier after uploading to your Amazon S3 account.
11. Click Add file

12. Click Submit for review (which is back at the top of the page).

Once your product has been reviewed you will receive a notification that your product is live. Now it’s time to let potential customers know your products are available for purchase.

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