How to promote my work

Promoting your 3D models effectively involves a variety of technical strategies.

Begin by creating high-quality previews of your product. These previews should be used to announce new products across your social media platforms, design forums, and portfolio websites. It’s crucial to always include a direct link to your product page, as this will enhance your products search engine ranking, ultimately leading to a stronger position in future sales.

Document the creation process of each new model through videos or screenshots. Upload these as tutorials or ‘How to’ posts, complete with links to the final project available for purchase. These tutorials not only showcase your technical skills but also help in building a dedicated following and expanding your reputation as a skilled artist.

For advertising purposes, integrate links to your asset pages on prominent portfolio sites such as Artstation, Behance, DeviantArt, Polycount, Pinterest, and others. Utilise the notification systems on these platforms to ensure your followers are informed whenever you post relevant links. Additionally, use small banners to advertise your shop on Motorsport Graphics – get in touch for more information.

To encourage downloads of your products, you can offer a simple product for free download. This allows potential buyers to assess your technical capabilities. Leverage the advertising techniques outlined above, and actively share your work on design platforms and social media to maximise exposure. Cultivate a positive reputation by maintaining a high response ratio and quick response times to customer inquiries or support requests, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction.

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