Hyundai Excel One Make Racing

Hyundai Excel Racing 3D Livery Template

The Hyundai Excel X3 Series is a budget one make racing series that runs across all states of Australia. It has grown in popularity due to it’s low cost and provides a good entry point into motorsport. Motorsport Graphics’ 3D model of the Hyundai Excel will allow teams and individuals to design and assess racing […]

Ten minutes with: Finnick Arrow

Livery designer - Adolfo Ernesto Valle Martínez

Where do you find inspiration? Inspiration can come in many ways and can be hard to achieve on some days, for me is mostly others artists work on motorsport world and outside of it, the design community is reaching an amazing level and everyone is pushing the boundaries of design day by day and it […]

Ten minutes with: Lefty Designs

Where do you find inspiration? The biggest inspiration for me is other artists. Seeing a fresh new look at how art is done can open up a whole new avenue of ideas and creativity. Us artists often hit what’s called “burnout”. Everything looks the same, nothing feels fresh or creative, and nothing can really bring […]

Ten minutes with: SD Graphics

Where do you find inspiration? For me, inspiration comes from multiple sources. I have always loved to create even since I was a kid at 5 years old sketching cars from the Gen 4 NASCAR era. Something about speed, adrenaline, being on the verge of losing control, yet being under control has always astounded me. […]

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