Supercheap Auto and Nulon Racing use Motorsport Graphics Models
Supercheap Auto Sim Rig
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Supercheap Auto and Nulon Racing have come together to present an exciting opportunity with their sim racing rig giveaway. Of particular interest is their utilization of Motorsport Graphics-based models during their simulator demonstration. These highly acclaimed models form the core of the gen 3 Camaro and Mustang designs within this simulation, renowned for their exceptional precision.

Despite teams having access to CAD data, the preference for Motorsport Graphics models remains due to their efficiency in creating simulator models, livery templates, and various marketing materials swiftly and conveniently. This strategic choice underlines the significance of precise and adaptable modeling in the racing industry.

Moreover, the collaboration extends beyond mere technology display, as Focus Driver Training, a leading Sydney-based driver training business, has utilized our V8 Supercars-styled Gen 3 Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro as the foundation for their Supercars simulation package. This partnership underscores the practical applications of Motorsport Graphics models not just in racing simulations but also in professional driver training.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Supercheap Auto, Nulon Racing, and Focus Driver Training demonstrates the multifaceted benefits of incorporating advanced modeling technology into both racing simulations and driver training programs. It highlights the pivotal role of precision and efficiency in enhancing the overall racing experience and skill development within the motorsport industry.

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