Wingless Sprint Car 3D livery template model



  • Dimensions based on freely available data
  • Model fully editable in Blender (native .blend file)
  • OBJ and FBX file formats included for import into all major 3D software such as Maya, 3DS, Adobe Substance and more
  • Model comes setup in Adobe Dimension with materials.
  • Edit livery directly in Adobe Photoshop or Gimp (layered Photoshop file supplied)


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About this model

Just add your livery and render, it’s that easy.

Wingless sprint cars, also known as non-winged sprint cars, are a type of open-wheel race car that is designed for sprint car racing. These cars are similar to their winged counterparts, but they do not have the aerodynamic wing structures on the top of the car that provide downforce and stability at high speeds.

Without the wings, wingless sprint cars rely more on the driver’s skill and the car’s mechanical setup for handling and traction on the track. They are often faster than winged sprint cars on shorter tracks, and they can be more challenging to drive due to their tendency to slide and drift around turns.

Wingless sprint car racing is popular in many regions of the world, especially in the United States, where it is a common form of dirt track racing. Many professional and amateur drivers compete in wingless sprint car races, and there are several organized series and events dedicated to this type of racing.

We maintain a low poly count and enough detail so that your renders pop. Our models are available as multi-layered files with accompanying UVs.

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