Gen 3 Supercars – We’re almost there
Gen 3 Supercars Ford Mustang
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Our Gen 3 Supercars Camaro and Mustang are nearing completion. Getting the details right has been more challenging than expected, but we’re close to releasing them and making them available to download.

We have worked on more realistic brakes, which will also be forming the basis of other models, and we’ll be looking to introduce many of these other components as stand alone downloads that you can add to your own models.

While the real life Gen 3 Supercars are still going through testing and could possibly change in their design, but we will ensure these changes are reflected in updated versions of the models. The Ford Mustang Supercar will be changing as the 2023 Ford Mustang being revealed later this year will form the basis of that car. It’s a pity our Mustang model looks so good!

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